About Us

About Ocean & Earth Catering

With 10 years of experience in creating delicious catering solutions and spectacular events for client across Oman.

At Ocean & Earth catering, we thrive for excellence, and we pride ourselves for our commitment in handcrafting freshly prepared halal meals, and providing wonderful services.

Our experience along with our wide range of cuisines and event styles for 30 to 800 guests, ensure that we have the flexibility and capability to make your occasion a success.

Beginning in 2009, Ocean & Earth Catering was originally created as a specialized catering company solely focusing on local and international cuisines. As a family owned and operated company, we are proud of our roots from our early days as a fledging family business.

Ever since, we have grown from one strength to another by continuously investing hard work and capital into our business to serve you better.

Service That We Offer


Catering For Kids School:

We provide catering services for K-12 as we make healthy eating easy and love to take the stress of making your child’s lunch get school.


Catering For Colleges And Universities:

College & University catering, The premier full service catering offers a wide variety of menu options with highest quality of ingredients our friendly team provide an efficient and reliable catering service.


Corporate Catering:

We provide catering services for events, meetings, and conferences with our tailor made menues by our chef’s 25 years of experience in preparing customized catering packages from breakfast, lunch, dinner to BBQ events.

We are equipped to cater for different catering themes and setups according to customer’s requirements with the highest food handling and safety as per international food and beverages regulations, hazard analysis and critical control points with local and legal requirements.

  • Catering control systems are implemented.
  • All goods shall be from reliable sources.
  • Food delivery vehicles with temperature maintain control boxes as per legal requirements.
  • (hot food are transported in insulated hot box)
  • All vegetables are sanitized and properly stored in chillers (Labeled and dated).
  • Expiry dates on all food items are maintained, checked and temperatures recorded.
  • Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Food Hygiene handling manager and chef are part of the catering operation to ensure compliance with food hygiene guidelines.
  • We will provide customer feedback forms and make sure that it will be available in dining halls for feedback and full customer surveys are conducted quarterly.
  • Food committees will be formed and meet monthly to discuss menu and food options.
  • Special meals will be served for fasting people during the Holy Month of Ramadan and during all festivals for all religions and nationalities. (If Required)

Waste Management

  • Ocean and Earth Catering encourages recycling of any paper, glass, cans and plastics.


  • Ocean and Earth Catering employs Previously disadvantaged individuals, now are semi-skilled individuals